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Income-Producing Property Augusta, GA Searching through rental homes and not finding anything getting tiring? Interested in becoming the owner of a great income-prodcuing rental property? Looking for commercial rentals to relocate your business? Why struggle when searching for rental apartments throughout the Augusta, GA region?

Channell Realty has made the process easier than ever! We can track down the rental properties of your dreams at a price that won't force you to break the bank. All you have to do is speak with one of our real estate agents today. Provide them with your current price range, required amenities and preferred utilities, and they can start to track down the right living space to suit your needs. We take a client-first approach to business that you're simply not going to get with competing companies!

We offer a wide array of rental properties!

Here at Channell Realty Group, we boast a talented team of maintenance workers and contractors that's capable of restoring homes and apartments to pristine condition. We offer these rental homes or rental apartments to the folks of Augusta, GA at some of the most competitive rates on the market. Our rental homes are renovated in prompt and efficient fashion, allowing us to provide a wide array of excellent living spaces to those in need.

Whenever you have a bit of free time, don't hesitate to speak with one of our team members. We are constantly showing newly-painted commercial rentals seven days a week. Our lead real estate agent, Rachel, would love nothing more than to inform you of the properties we own and sell. We don't just promote the sale of rental apartments or homes. We turn old, dilapidated homes into something of worth and beauty. For this reason, we claim that all of our rentals are income-producing property. When looking for a place to live, location is extremely important, so it property value. We're making the neighborhood better one step at a time! You never know how much our rental apartments or homes will be worth down the road!

Channell Realty has been loyally serving the Augusta, GA region for over four full decades now. Considering the fact that we've managed to retain a sparkling reputation this whole time, we must be doing something right! Our strongest suit comes in the form of value real estate investment. Basically, we pay less for income-producing property so each of our clients will eventually pay less for our commercial rentals. It's really a win-win scenario! On top of that, we can quickly buy or sell your existing property if you're looking to move into a new space. With Channell, everybody comes out on top.

If you're wondering if Auguta, GA is the right area for your real estate investment, the answer is YES! Augusta is not only a beautiful area with all of it's parks and nature trails, but is also home to museums and attractions of all types! Whether you are interested in rental homes or commercial rentals, Call Channell Realty Co to learn why Augusta, GA is the perfect area and why we are the investors to help you!

Purchase rental apartments with our guidance!

Real Estate Investment Augusta, GA Rachel T. Rabitsch has been active in the real estate business since 1978. She grew up in Columbia County, Georgia and went on to graduate from Evans High School. Rachel eventually recognized her passion for sales, which led her to establish a real estate agency of her very own.

Currently, Rachel stays busy showing our 400 available rental properties to prospective clients. Each of her clients are excited to make their real estate investment with her help because they know that she has a solid reputation. Growing up and spending her whole life in the area, Rachel has extensive knowledge of the areas the rental properties are in. This, combined with her real estate knowledge, help to ensure that the rental homes she offers will fit the client's needs. Having worked with Channell for over 11 years, Rachel has been able to gain experience in real estate rental properties, as well as perfecting her time management skills to make sure all her clients get the attention they deserve. Rachel enjoys nothing more than helping folks find affordable real estate investment opportunities throughout the Augusta region!

Channell Realty, Inc. is the company to trust for rental properties & service!

Rental Properties Augusta, GA Since 1967, Channell Realty, Inc. has operated upon a foundation of "common sense." Our talented staff buys and sells income-producing property for the betterment of the local community. Channell Realty has never understood why investors don't purchase rental property more regularly. When attempting to enter into the real estate investment trade, commercial rentals generally prove to be the smartest entry point. We can't stress this point enough.

When you are looking to partner with Channell Realty Co. to invest in commercial rentals, we can find you the best income-producing property on the market. You'll be able to create rental apartments for new and local residents and charge an affordable rate.

From residential to commercial rentals, we do it all. Call Channell Realty Co today!

From commercial rentals to rental properties, Channell Realty Co is willing and able to help you! Here at Channell Realty Co, we'll do all the annoying legwork so you can obtain the rental apartments and rental homes you seek. We also allow a perfect avenue for real estate new-comers to enter the trade. We also can assist with commercial rentals! Whether you're looking for rental properties to live in or are looking for income-producing property options, we can help you! To speak with one of our friendly representatives, call us now. We can't wait to hear from you!

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Channell Realty Company located in Augusta, GA is a real estate company that purchases income-producing property. When you want to make a real estate investment, consult the professionals. We'll help you buy the best rental homes and properties. Start your investment today and make a profit!

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Channell Realty Co

3540 Wheeler Rd Ste 414
Augusta , GA 30909

This is the absolute worst rental company that I have ever had to deal with! If you are interested in renting a property from them, DONT! You will regret it! For starters, you can only pay your rent by money order or cashiers check and in person. Very inconvenient not to mention the added expense of money orders/cashiers check. Secondly, they have no sense of urgency whatsoever and you are lucky to get a same day maintenance response no matter if there are trees falling down on your head! Also, when you finally do get a response, the quality of repair work is shoddy at best! They don't care about you as a renter and I was actually told that I should be grateful for what I get! Then, God forbid you should EVER have a difficulty paying on the 1st because you will pay them the extraordinarily high sum of $129.00! They are always borderline rude there too and I find it very uncomfortable to have to contact them for any reason much less have to deal with them in person every month. I feel extremely mislead about what I was led to believe would be a great experience living here. I cannot wait for my lease to end so that I can move! I recommend Blanchard and Calhoun. They are wonderful, responsive and professional. Their properties are in much better condition and I always received immediate service, even on a Sunday! Not to mention anything I ever requested, such as new carpet, I got!

Pros: I only gave 1 star because I had to. Consider it a negative 1!

Cons: Extremely slow service, poor repair work, only cashiers check or money orders hand delivered each month, borderline rude staff, extremely high late fees ($129) and when an unexpected emergency comes up in your life causing you to be a day or 2 late, the last thing you need is your rental company taking advantage of you and draining your finances even more! No sense of urgency, they do not care. You're just a renter and should be grateful for what you get from them.

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Jun 13, 2014
By: Marie

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